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Carol S. Wood, Ph.D.
Services Provided

I provide individual therapy and couples therapy for adults. I enjoy being able to focus on the quality of our working relationship, thus I keep my practice relatively small. 

Our work together may be brief in nature or may be longer-term. It's common for people to begin therapy when they have a specific, current problem to discuss but choose to do more lasting work on the recurring patterns in their life that have contributed to these problems.

My Treatment Specialties

>>  Low Mood, Irritability, Apathy: Taken together, it's called depression. Whether it's new, in response to something that has occurred, or a part of your life since young adulthood, depression makes us sluggish and isolated, reluctant to take chances and slow to recover from challenges. It makes us take things personally and brood over them. It makes us crabby, hard to please, sometimes mean. Therapy helps de-mystify what you've been unhappy about and gets you thinking and feeling differently. 

>>  Reducing Anxiety: Successful people almost always have some anxiety -- it's part of what made them successful -- but at times, anxiety is over-the-top, making us feel depleted and ineffective. Gnawing fears, panic attacks, obsession, rumination and avoidance of new situations affect quality of life; they're not just "stress."  Anxiety often means such physical symptoms as nausea, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, racing heart, etc.  We'll work to understand the root of the problem rather than wishing that willpower or behvaior change will do it.

>>  Analyzing Relationships: Working to find a loving relationship or to evaluate one you've got. Clarifying whether to build a stronger relationship, to gracefully leave one that's not healthy or to accept that one has ended. May involve communication or assertiveness skills, coping strategically with transitions, coping emotionally with disappointment, problem-solving crises, deepening insight about your strengths and weaknesses in this important area of life. 

>>  Grief and Loss (including pet loss): Therapy is especially powerful for people who have had losses that others might not understand. An illness or disability can be just as difficult as a death. A miscarriage or infertility can be just as rough as problems with a difficult child can be. The loss of a career dream can be as shocking as the loss of a job is. Having to put down a pet can be just as hard as seeing an ailing parent change. Therapy can be a terrific help with working through grief. 

>>  Sexuality: How comfortable you are with physical touch, how at peace you are with your gender or sexual orientation, how you deal with surprises others have sprung on you, how you find what you want and communicate about it, how you reconcile having been mistreated sexually or having done that to someone else. It's all important to discuss and I can help you work on these things in a mature, professional, insightful place. 

>>  Workplace Issues and Career Planning: We devote a huge amount of time and energy to whatever it is we do for a living, so it's a big deal when we're unhappy with office politics or feel we're in the wrong field. Taking time to talk at length about where you fit in the world of work can have real benefits for your mental health. It's not just about complaining, it's productive!

>>  Managing procrastination, frustration, perfectionism:  It's important to keep these things in check, so we don't let what's really important to us in life fall between the cracks. I can help you prevent moderate annoyances from becoming bigger problems, like addiction, eating disorders or anger that leads to legal problems and other losses.  Has there been some trauma you have recovered from beautifuuly, except for developing a tendency to procrastinate? Let's figure it out.

>>  Substance Abuse and other Compulsive Behaviors: When something we used to soothe ourselves occasionally has become a runaway train, the behavior creates new problems rather than helping us cope with our existing ones. Anything can take on this quality -- you can become compulsive about exercise or food, addicted to the internet or to sex, or you just may be one of those people who has relied a bit too much on a joint or a glass of wine to smooth things out, and now realize it's something bigger.  

>>  Conflict Resolution: Two people needn't be a "couple" to come in for a joint session. You may have conflict with a friend, colleague, sibling or neighbor you'd like to iron out. Having someone with experience direct this process can be far more fruitful than going it alone, with no boundaries, can.

If you're unsure about whether I would be in a position to help with the particular concerns you would bring to therapy, the initial phone consultation provides a great opportunity to ask me directly. During that conversation, I will assess whether my expertise is a good match for your needs. You may assess whether I seem to understand you well enough to make us a good fit for your goals. To arrange an initial phone consultation, just email me at DrCarolWood@comcast.net

If we decide to work together, your therapy appointments could be weekly or bi-weekly; whatever it is that fits both of our schedules. Whatever the schedule, all of our sessions would be tele-therapy (phone or video).