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Carol S. Wood, Ph.D.

Hello, I'm Dr. Carol Wood.  Welcome to my psychotherapy practice.
All our sessions together would be tele-therapy, either by phone or video.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and have been working with clients for nearly thirty years. I love working with people who are in a transition of some kind and who really want to change the way they've been living their lives...whether it's improving a relationship, becoming more successful at work, learning how to have better relationships or considering a major change.

Perhaps you need to be more active about following a dream you've always had or perhaps you need to be more realistic about the degree of change you can expect of yourself or others. In short, I specialize in working with individuals and couples who really want their quality of life to be different from what they've been experiencing day-to-day.

My approach to psychotherapy is to combine the best of scientific theory and practice in Psychology, but tailor it to each individual's needs. I use psychodynamic therapy to help clients understand themselves better, especially how their past relates to their present and future. I might use cognitive behavioral strategies to help clients manage the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors, so they will be able to reduce frustrating symptoms and patterns. Most of all, I build connection and understanding with my clients, because I know it's vital for them to feel heard and understood.

Taken together, this kind of therapy works very well for people with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, gender and sexual identity issues, grief and loss (including pets), work dissatisfaction and productivity; I work with adults with a wide variety of concerns and diagnoses. I work with people who are functioning pretty well overall, but who simply have an area or two that aren't working as well as they would like.

If you'd like an initial phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit, please email me at DrCarolWood@comcast.net. Please leave me know the best number at which to reach you.
I will call you back as soon as possible after you email.